“Let no man pull you low enough to hate him...” Martin L. King

Pants via  Rent The Runway

Pants via Rent The Runway

It’s 2019.  The year we are walking away from things that don’t make us happy.  The year we stop letting a piece of man disturb our piece of mind.  The year we stop seeking validation from people that aren’t even valid.  Never let a man pull you low enough to hate him...  Now when we say “man” know that we are not just referring to a male partner in a relationship.  We are referring to anything/anyone (partner, friend, family, job, etc.) that you gave power.  Remember you have the power to put your happiness first, say NO, and walk away from all things that no longer serve you.  So if you gave something power, became unhappy, and stayed; this quote probably resonates with you.   

Have you ever allowed someone to pull you low enough to hate him?  When you read that quote, did a person or thing come to mind?  Yes/No?  Hopefully it’s not someone that still has access to you.  Two came to mind for me... not sure if I could use the word hate, but man did I dislike him and my old job A LOT.  

Love and hate are opposites in the dictionary, but in my opinion they usually go hand and hand.  Do you agree/disagree?  Love is power and the only person or thing that probably has the power to pull you low enough to feel hate, is someone you believe you love or need.   I needed my job because I needed money to pay my bills.  I felt like my options were very limited and everyday that I reported to work, I lost a piece of my happiness.   And that happiness wasn’t just lost at work.   When you’re walking around with hate in your heart, you don't feel good about yourself which has a trickle effect on everything around you.  Your finances fall, your up keep slows down, your energy decreases, and your focus is off.  Why am I dressing up for this job?  I don’t care about them.  Why am I going above and beyond, it won’t make a difference?  Why am I getting my hair done today, he ain’t taking me out.   Hate requires energy and whatever isn’t good for you, doesn’t deserve your energy.  

So before you feel yourself slipping, learn to walk away from relationships/jobs/things  that no longer align with your purpose.  Hate is draining of time and energy, and if your cup ain’t full, you damn sure can’t pour into anyone else’s. 

Dress via  Rent The Runway

Dress via Rent The Runway