My First Concert - ALONE.

Contrary to popular belief, while my Instagram may be popping, IRL have a very small circle of friends.  All of whom are in a relationship, work full-time jobs, and 2 out of 3 have children.  That said, I don’t attend a lot of events because I don’t have company.  I’m sure I’m not alone on this one.  I feel like a rare find in NYC lol.   


Over the past few months, I’ve made a commitment to work on changing this. I want to make more friends in real life and attend events with or without my current ones.  I’ve been a fan of violinist Damien Escobar for quite some time and when I saw his tour dates I just knew one of my friends in NYC would want to go with me.  I waited and waited and no one even seemed remotely interested.   Then I checked again and the show was SOLD OUT.  I was devastated.   I blamed my side job (I bartend on Fri & Sat) as the excuse for not purchasing a ticket, but deep down I knew it was no ones fault but my own.  I didn’t purchase a ticket because I wanted company.  

I was bummed and disappointed in myself.  I’ve missed out on something else because I was waiting on someone or something else.  Then on Friday I checked his page and saw his last show was in Philadelphia on Sunday 5/18.  I debated and debated.  It’s only a 2 hour drive from NYC.   That’s not far and I’m off of work.   It was perfect, yet I could not pull the trigger and buy a ticket.  I cannot go to a concert in Philly alone.  I’ll drive there by myself and just look weird.  I’ll be next to couples the entire time.  


So... I activated operation find some company... There’s a guy I’ve been following on IG for quite sometime, he’s kinda cute, lives in Philly and has a nice personality online so I slid in his DMs.  This took all my confidence, but I did it.  He declined.  Damn, I felt so rejected lol.  Like, why doesn’t he want to go to the concert with me?  He cleaned it up and said he had prior commitments and was nice enough to offer his assistance suggesting some good spots to go eat.  So I guess it wasn’t a real rejection, but he still ain’t going with me so now what? 

UGH, what do I do now.  I want to go to this concert.   We’re a little over 24 hours away and I’m sitting on my couch debating.  I’ll also need a hotel as well because I can’t drive back so late.  I clicked on hotel tonight and started to look up rooms.  I felt so lonely doing this.  I’ve eaten alone at a bar, but a whole concert???  I’m really going to do this by myself?  This can’t be life.  Then the hotel room dropped significantly in price.  It’s like God was pushing me.  I gave in.  I purchased a hotel room and then purchased a ticket.  Once I did, I put on some music and danced my happy dance.  The excitement started to take over.  I was so proud of myself.  The hardest part was buying the ticket.

Keswick Theatre

Keswick Theatre

I woke up on Sunday and spent the entire day on my own time.  I left for Philadelphia around 430pm.   I had an amazing seat.  I was able to really vibe out to the show.  And most importantly, I didn’t miss out on something I wanted to do because of someone else.  There was a time in the show when he catered to the couples in the room, but it was called “The Elements of Love” tour.   


Thank you for reading!  When was the first time you attended an event alone?  How did it make you feel?  Are you proud of me? I’m very proud of myself.  Now, I’m excited to do something else alone.