Self-Care Spotlight: JustCroon Microfiber Cloths

Ok… I’m really weirded out by how good the results of these little microfiber cloths.  Here’s what I know so far…


About two weeks ago, I mentioned JustCroon in my instagram stories.  I stumbled onto their page by clicking around and was intrigued by these microfiber cloths that replaces the use of makeup wipes, cleansers and cotton pads.  I’m really getting bothered by how much I’m not doing for the environment.  I recycle as much as I can, but I’ve seen images of the way plastic is destroying our environment and it all just makes me uncomfortable.  I know that I am not doing my part for the environment.  

How do you take care of your environment? 

That said, by cutting back on the use of cotton pads and makeup wipes, I am SURE I could make a small difference and every little bit helps right?   I use atleast two makeup wipes and two cotton pads every single day.  While I’m not going to do the math, just typing it makes me feel a bit guilty. 

Croons + Washbag

Croons + Washbag

When I received my croons in the mail, they came in a little wash pouch.  I washed them and let them dry in my bathroom.  I looked at them for a few days, because I was just so confused on how this cloth could take off all my makeup AND wash my face.  Then one late night, I came home and just went for it. 

Do Croons Really Work?  

Removed all makeup!

Removed all makeup!

Here’s what the croon looked like after wiping off all of my makeup - it even took off my eyeshadow and mascara.  How weird is that… I didn’t think there was any way all the makeup was removed so I used a makeup remover wipe over my face and NOTHING.  I was shocked.  I then used the other side of the croon to wash my face, I applied my night serum and oil and went to bed. 

I woke up the next day looking just as good as I normally would.  I continued the croon tradition that morning and then went about my day.  Still feeling great.  I then used the croon again that night - also amazing!  I’m a believer and looking forward to making the switch! 

How long will they last? 


You can wash your croons up to 200 times and when you’re done; you can return them to JustCroon so they can be upcycled and you’ll receive a discount on a set of new ones!!

Do you use microfiber cloth as opposed to cotton pads/makeup wipes?  If so, tell me about it in the comments?  I’m very surprised at my results and hope this article and my promotion will encourage you to do your part for the environment too!