The Color Factory!

What's not to love about a bunch of rooms in a bunch of colors?   I knew The Color Factory existed on the West Coast and always wanted to visit, so when I heard they were bringing it to NYC, I kept an eye out for tickets.  Once they went on sale, I jumped on it.   Keep reading for some cool pictures as well as 7 tips you should know before your visit!  

The Color Factory.  @Simplyshannah. Dress from Banana Republic. Shirt from Necessary Clothing.  Bag from Zara.  

The Color Factory.  @Simplyshannah. Dress from Banana Republic. Shirt from Necessary Clothing.  Bag from Zara.  

Tip 1:  DRESS UP! Wear something bright, pastel and/or colorful, you won’t regret it.  We received lots of compliments from staff and other guests for dressing up.  Your pictures will look so much better in bright colors.  Don’t worry about the weather outside, it won’t matter once you get inside.  Don't worry about the time of day you're going, because there are no windows inside.  The lighting from the Factory is the only lighting you'll get.  The rooms are all pretty bright and you can use editing apps to lighten your photos.  


Tip 2: Arrive 15 minutes early.  We arrived at around 815pm for our 830pm time slot and spent about 2.5 hours exploring all the rooms and taking photos.  They won’t rush you (which is great) but, the longer you’re there the more crowded it becomes because people behind you will eventually catch up to you.  There are no tickets sold at the door and if you arrive too late, they may not honor your tickets.   

The Color Factory: Lobby 

The Color Factory: Lobby 

Tip 3: They have a coat check where you can hold any items that you do not wish to carry with you throughout the exhibit.  Once you go into a room, you cannot travel backwards.  So remember to drop everything you don't want to carry off at coat/bag check.

Tip 4: Leave your camera at home.  I brought my DSLR camera and regretted it.  You won't get amazing pictures, but you will get great ones.  The camera became annoying to carry and I felt like I did perfectly fine with my iPhone camera.  

Tip 5: You can FLY SOLO!  It might feel a little weird, but a lot of the rooms have self-timer cameras and the photos are emailed to your email address in less than a minute.  So you don't necessary need to go with a partner but, of course it would be better to have company.  The telephone exhibit will feel a bit weird with a stranger, but other than that, you'll be good! 

Tip 6: Be patient and be prepared to deal with a crowd.  Come on, it's the Color Factory, tickets are selling out fast, so you know it's going to be crowded.  We had to say excuse me to a lot of people because they were just standing right in our shot.  Some people are there to just see the exhibit and not interested in taking photos, while others are there to explore and capture some great photos too!  

The Color Factory: Ball Pit.   @mikaela.pabon  Jumpsuit from  Vici Collection  and  @simplyshannah

The Color Factory: Ball Pit.  @mikaela.pabon Jumpsuit from Vici Collection and @simplyshannah

And lastly, Tip 7: Have FUN!  Yes you want to get some amazing pictures, but remember this is all about FUN.   Don't get so caught up with capturing the perfect picture, that you forget to live in the moment.  

Thank You for reading!  

Are you visiting the Color Factory? Let me know when in the comment box below!  If you have any questions/tips for others, please leave them below as well.