5 Things about SimplyShannah

Welcome to my first official Blog post!  I purchased this domain about a year ago with the hopes of turning this into something special.  Life got in the way, and a few of my personal goals just had to take a back seat.  Quite alright, because that's what life is all about; give/take and perhaps I wasn't ready just yet BUT...  Now I have the time (well not really because I stay busy) but, I agreed to make the time, because this is important to me.  It's something that I love to do; I find joy in dressing up, sharing pictures, conversing, writing and engaging with others. 

So, you clicked on this link because you wanted to know 5 Things About SimplyShannah right?  Let's dive in (cue Trey Songz)... 

1.  I'm single.  There's single and dating, single and exploring and then there's just single.  I fall into the last category and I've become content and quite comfortable with this.  I engage in conversation on my DM's, I may talk to people here and there at work, but when it comes to getting out there and walking the streets - that part of my life doesn't exist.   Here and there, I've had moments of excitement, but they quickly fizzle out.  The older you get, the less you tolerate is such a true statement.  I steer clear of red flags and I feel like I've seen it all.  So until, someone really catches me off guard - single it is.  

2. I have (pause to count...) 9 siblings ( 5 sisters and 4 brothers).  I am the oldest and the youngest goes down to 7 years old.  My parents had me when they were young (my mother got pregnant at 16) and that's all she wrote.  Having younger parents has it's perks; I can talk to my parents about anything (and I mean anything) without feeling any sort of way.  On the other hand, they're both still working and while I don't have any children; some of my siblings do and let's just face it... my parents are just too busy to play Grandma & Grandpa sometimes.  Additionally, only my sister and I share the same mother and father.  When your parents start young, they break up and then move on with new partners that want their own children and so forth and so on.  We are all family, however I find myself closer to the sister that I actually grew up with and sometimes distant from the rest of my siblings.  

3.  I am allergic to aspirin & ibuprofen... like deadly allergic.  A few times, I've accidentally ingested medication with aspirin on ibuprofen, I've ended up in an ambulance.  The last talk I had with my doctor went just like this...  "you will die if you keep ingesting these medications" and he walked out.  Upset, that I was careless with reading labels.  A lot of medications have aspirin/ibuprofen; Motrin IB, Theraflu, Aspercreme, IcyHot, Advil, etc.   To be safe, I can only take Tylenol, cough syrup and Benadryl or just tough it out.  PS.  I was denied entry into the AirForce because of this allergy.  

4.  I work two jobs!  Yup, my career job is a HR Generalist in the Aviation Industry and on a part-time basis, I bartend/waitress at a restaurant.   I've worked these two jobs for about 5 1/2 years and sometimes I'm tired, but the money certainly keeps me going.  I could survive off of one income, but I won't be comfortable.  I live alone (in NYC), I drive (Car, Insurance), I love to travel (Hotels) and I love to shop (SoHo, Roosevelt Field, Woodbury Commons, you name it).  That said, the second income helps support my lifestyle.  There's nothing wrong with working to support the lifestyle that you enjoy.  My Dad always said - everyone needs a side hustle - so... it is what it is.  At one point, I worked 3 jobs (12- 5pm  4 days a week, 6p-11p 4 days a week and catering on the weekends) - that was insane and I would never encourage anyone to do that.  I got tired just writing out the schedule.  

5.  I am a Scorpio (born 11/19) and I love my zodiac sign.  I know there are some people that refuse to date/befriend a person just because of their sign.  I am one of those people.  I will save the do not engage signs (and why) for a later blog post.  But for now, just know that I posses all of the scorpion traits; that means when you look up characteristics of a scorpio, you'll see my picture.  

Thanks for reading!  

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